Panoramah! stands out as the sole bespoke minimalist window manufacturer controlling the production of key components: aluminum profiles and glass up to 28 feet. This unique approach ensures full accountability from design through installation. Our streamlined process turns complex glass and aluminum system production into routine, even for oversized windows and doors, meeting rigorous standards like Florida’s impact coastal code.

Our minimalist windows, predominantly structural glass, demand precise and high-quality manufacturing. To meet these challenges, Panoramah! vertically integrated glass transformation in 2011, becoming a leading European glass transformer with the capability to handle double and triple-glazed units up to 29 sqm.

As a global leader in over 60 countries, Panoramah! maintains a robust network of over 50 certified partners, ensuring expert glazing consultation, installation, and maintenance worldwide. Our continuous investment in capacity and innovation reflects our commitment to quality and technical excellence.


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