In 1955 Nikolaus Meeth a carpenter in Salmtal, Germany began making windows for the local market entirely by hand and with great attention to detail. Word spread about his quality and careful workmanship. Demand increased, and over the years, Unilux GmbH came into being.
Since then, Unilux has grown significantly. Everything has become more modern, and more professional. And yet Nikolaus Meeth would still feel at home right away. The carpenter’s trade that he exemplified is still alive and well with us today. Only the numbers have got a little bit larger.
At Unilux today only a symbiosis of high technology and master craftsmanship guarantees windows and doors with the highest precision, lowest tolerances and absolute attention to detail.

As a well-known window manufacturer in Germany, we offer you a wide range of window types, ranging from traditional lattice windows to established standard models. You will receive solutions tailor-made specially to meet your needs, in which you decide on the aesthetics, materials, dimensions and much more by yourself!


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Design Resources

  • Aluminum Clad Wood Brochure (pdf)
  • Space For Living Brochure (pdf)
  • uPVC Window Overview Brochure (pdf)
  • UNILUX ImpactLine Series Brochure (pdf)